Alcoholism Stage 1: Abstinence If a person has perceptions and attitudes consistent with those that addicts generally exhibit, alcohol dependence can literally start before the alcohol consumption commences. Alcoholism Stage 2: Initial Use Stage two can include things like the experimental use of alcohol, periodic use, or irregular bin… Read More

Like any disease, there are indications or signs of alcohol addiction. There is a variance between drinking or abusing alcohol and alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction is a severe condition and if left without treatment can be deadly. The individual may be in denial that they have a problem in the first place. They might even believe the… Read More

Addiction to alcohol is a devastating affliction that damages tens of millions of men, women and youngsters all over the planet. The addiction to alcohol triggers is calamitous. This dependence on alcohol is both psychological and bodily and comes with the ability to ruthlessly dominate all of the components of daily life. The illness is progres… Read More

The term dry drunk is thought to originate from 12 Step recovery groups. Instead of finding joy in their life away from alcohol, they can act as if they were serving a jail sentence. The lone change this person has actually made is to stop drinking, but in other aspects their life stays the exact same. The Cause of Dry Drunk Syndrome Since th… Read More

Alcohol consumption can cause modifications in the structure and operation of the developing brain, which continues to develop into an individual's mid 20s, and it may have repercussions reaching far beyond teenage years. In adolescence, brain development is characterized by dramatic modifications to the brain's structure, neural connections ("c… Read More